free-ist is a platform that gives you access to companies that hire academia and corporate researchers. You can apply for a wide range of positions, not only full-time but also part-time and side jobs with flexible working hours and high compensation.

Scientists are in high demand on the job market
  • Many researchers decides to switch from academia to industry

  • Academia researchers are allowed to work as joint research with companies or as project-based

  • Most companies allow corporate researchers to work part-time.

New opportunities for Academia & Corporate Researchers
  • We provide access to companies that match you in quality with your skills, as well as compensate more for them.
  • We offer a smooth transition from Academia to industry or Vice-versa
  • Use your professional skills to work with third-party Clients to get additional insight and income
  • Open to all Researchers, Postdoctoral fellow, PhD students or corporate researchers with master’s degree
  • Any scientific field is welcome to register.
  • Flexible working hours if you are looking for part-time positions
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We help Researchers Solve Real challenges they face
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Career Growth

Ability to join our events and Career Training Programs that help you land your dream job.

How free-ist Works?

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Management Team

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