CoA Nexus is looking for professionals with high initiative, leadership and teamworks strength as follows.

Job description

  • Hearing clients needs to support them to use the service accordingly
  • Announce the new functions to the clients to promote service using
  • Planning the seminars and events for the clients
  • Consider the strategies for increasing product value based on the clients comments

Required experience / skills

  • 【Must】 Match with our “Mission” and “Vision”
  • 【Must】 Work experience in corporate sales or customer success
  • 【Nice to have】 English communication skill
  • 【Nice to have】 Work experience at recruitment company or SaaS company

Salary / bonus / raise

  • Preferential treatment according to our regulations, taking into consideration experience and ability

Work location

  • Tokyo
  • Full remote (When appropriate work can be performed, taking into consideration the home internet environment, etc.)

Please send your CV by email from the entry button below.
After screening the documents, those who pass will be asked to proceed to the interview.

The mail screen will be launched.