Accelerate Deep Tech Revolution,
Cultivate the ever-better future

Cars, computers, smartphones, etc,
Our life have become more convenient and affluent through the power of science.
The Information Revolution have passed, it is the time for Deep Tech Revolution.
We are committed to supporting the researchers, and to promoting our business in order to bring a prosperous future by science.


Open the doors of possibilities By maximizing researchers’ capabilities

We have accumulated know-how on the effective utilization of R&D resources.
We accelerate the research activities of companies and research institutions by maximizing the value and potential of the researchers.

CEO message

I am an outsider in R&D market.

Why did I decide to start a business in this field?
It was because I felt a strong sense of discomfort with the current situation of scientists from the standpoint of a third party who is not a member of the R&D field.

Although I originally majored in biomedical sciences, I became interested in business after I participated in the planning of a new business and the establishment of a company in my second year of undergraduate school. When I was assigned to a laboratory in my fourth year, my supervisor allowed me to participate in an internship during the daytime and conduct research works from evening to late at night.
Between that time period, I heard the actual employment situation in the R&D industry from many post-doctoral fellows, and I still remember how shocked I was to learn that some PhDs who had obtained their Ph.D. degree before the age of 30 were earning less than 300,000 yen per month.
Also, unlike the IT industry today, corporate researchers, although highly skilled and knowledgeable, were limited access to the platform to provide their R&D related skills during a free moment.

"Why is it that these people, who are so logical and talented, are not provided with an environment that matches their abilities?"

In the financial industry, where I worked as M&A advisor and doing investment works by creating a fund, was a relatively favorable "market", both in terms of the economic environment and the diversity of providing their skills.
This was not because of the superiority of the human resources, but simply because of the market environment that had been created.

We can not ignore the current market situation since science have a deep relationship with our life. It can improve our life style by causing innovation.
That is why I decided to start the business with the hope of building such a "market" in the R&D field, and to help scientists who are competing against the world.

Again, I am an outsider in this industry.
So I am truly aware of the need for support from various people.
As a person who believes in the potential of scientists more than scientists, I will operate our business with the aim of building an environment where people can continue working as scientists as a matter of course.


  • R&D-oriented global skill share matching platform: CoA Researcher

    CoA Researcher is a matching platform for the person who are seeking part time or full time position in the R&D market.

    As a global platform targeting not only domestic but also foreign scientists living in academia and companies, we visualize the skills of R&D personnel and supports the acquisition of personnel that match the company’s needs.
    By supporting the acquisition of human resources in R&D fields that are difficult to match, we aim to “reform the work style” of scientists and “improve the R&D capabilities” of companies.

Media coverage


  • Kota Nozaki

    CEO / Founder

    Born half Japanese and half Korean. He went to study in Dalian, China by himself at the age of 12, graduating at the top of his school from a local prestige school.
    Worked at Crosspoint Advisors, an independent M&A advisory firm which founded by former CEO of Lehman Brothers, to lead cross-border M&A deals.
    After that, he led more than JPY100billion of fundraising for project finance and fund establishment at Pacifico Energy, which is the top renewable development company in Japan.
    Established Srust in September 2020.
    Multilingual: Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean
    Graduated from Waseda University / Biomedical science department

  • Kouki Oka Ph.D.

    Chief Scientific Officer

    He skipped a grade for obtaining Ph.D. and received more than 20 awards for his outstanding research achievements.
    Currently, he is the youngest tenure-track assistant professor in Japan at the Graduate School of Engineering, Osaka University.
    Graduated from Waseda University / Ph.D. in engineering

  • Akio Katsuragi

    Outside director

    Akio Katsuragi co-founded Crosspoint Advisors in 2010. Prior to that, Akio was CEO of Lehman Brothers Japan Inc., where he was also appointed to the firm’s Asia Executive Committee.
    Before joining Lehman Brothers, he was with Morgan Stanley Japan, where he served as the Head of Corporate Finance Department in the Investment Banking Division, and a member of the Tokyo Operating Committee.
    He started his career at Industrial Bank of Japan (IBJ) in 1977, and worked for Goldman Sachs both in Tokyo and New York, after IBJ.
    Akio received his LL.B from the University of Tokyo, a Master of Law from University of Washington, and Fellowship/Master degree from the Law School of University of Pennsylvania.


CoA Nexus is looking for professionals with high initiative, leadership and teamworks strength as follows.

Job description

  • Hearing clients needs to support them to use the service accordingly
  • Announce the new functions to the clients to promote service using
  • Planning the seminars and events for the clients
  • Consider the strategies for increasing product value based on the clients comments

Required experience / skills

  • 【Must】 Match with our “Mission” and “Vision”
  • 【Must】 Work experience in corporate sales or customer success
  • 【Nice to have】 English communication skill
  • 【Nice to have】 Work experience at recruitment company or SaaS company

Salary / bonus / raise

  • Preferential treatment according to our regulations, taking into consideration experience and ability

Work location

  • Tokyo
  • Full remote (When appropriate work can be performed, taking into consideration the home internet environment, etc.)

Please send your CV by email from the entry button below.
After screening the documents, those who pass will be asked to proceed to the interview.

The mail screen will be launched.


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Company Name CoA Nexus, Inc. (formerly Srust, Inc.)
Address SPROUT IIDABASHI 8F, 3-11-25 Iidabashi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 102-0072, Japan
Business Operating R&D oriented skill share matching platform
Capital JPY 113 million (including capital surplus)
Recruitment License No. 13-ユ-313573
Email info@coanexus.com