What Kind of Jobs Can You Get With a PhD?

With a PhD, you can choose from many career paths. However, academic jobs typically aren’t the only option. There are many other fantastic careers for PhD holders that are exciting, interesting, and well-paying. In fact, there are so many amazing opportunities that we created an entire blog post about them:


Careers for PhD Holders

A PhD is an advanced degree that can be earned in any field of study. In order to earn a PhD, you’ll typically complete several years of coursework, original research, and an academic dissertation. Many people earning a PhD choose to become researchers or professors. However, the advanced degree is a great qualification for many other careers, as well. A PhD can be a great asset for individuals in many industries.


Research and Teaching Positions

Academic positions, such as teaching and research, are common careers for PhD holders. Many universities and colleges hire PhD holders to teach courses in various subjects and conduct research in their fields. Larger colleges and universities often have many interdisciplinary research departments. These departments hire PhD holders for research positions. Many smaller colleges and universities offer opportunities for research and teaching. This occurs at public and private schools. If a school has a small student population, it may only have one or two departments. This means the faculty members in those departments often teach many different subjects.


Health Sciences

A PhD in biomedical research can lead to a career in healthcare. A PhD in a medical field may allow you to take a role in clinical research. This type of job often involves working with patients in a clinical setting. This can be a very fulfilling career, but you must meet the qualifications for this type of work. In general, you should be very familiar with research methodology. You should also be able to work independently, because the job involves long hours. A PhD in biomedical research can also lead to a career in academia. Many PhD holders with a biomedical focus become professors, researchers, and administrators. Additionally, you can use your advanced degree to work in government agencies, pharmaceutical companies, and other industries.


Data Science and Analytics

Many companies need data scientists and analysts to help them with their business goals. This can include everything from improving customer satisfaction to creating new products. Businesses often hire PhD holders for these positions. Working with businesses is a great career choice for PhD holders in many fields, including engineering, computer science, and the social sciences. A PhD in a quantitative field may qualify you for a data scientist position. This can be a challenging and interesting career. But it often requires a lot of training and experience. Data analysts don’t need as much training as data scientists. However, they still need to know how to work with data. They also need to know how to interpret data, and how to use data to solve problems.


Many people earn a PhD in engineering. These individuals can choose to work in academia. Or they can work in industry and create new technologies. Companies often hire PhD holders in engineering fields to lead research and development projects. In this role, you’ll either create new products or improve existing ones. This can be a very rewarding career. But it often requires significant experience. You can also work as an engineer in academia. This is a great option for those who like teaching. Or for those who want to advance their research.

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