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free-ist is the first Platform that Gives you Access to Companies that hire Researchers. Apply for a wide range of Jobs, from Full-time, Part-time or Freelance positions

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Increase your Chance to Get Hired by Top companies that match your profile and skills with a possibility to secure a Full time job

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Joint research

Connect with companies looking for joint research with academic researchers

New opportunities for Researchers
  • We provide an easy access to companies that match you in quality with your skills, as well as compensate more for them.
  • We offer a smooth transition from Academia to industry or Vice-versa
  • Open to all Researchers, Postdoctoral fellow, PhD students or corporate researchers with master’s degree
  • Any scientific field is welcome to register.
  • Flexible working hours if you are looking for Part-time or Freelance positions
free-ist uses a Smart AI technology that improved matching candidates with the right companies
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