Srust, Inc. a leading provider of scientific researcher recruitment solutions, has announced a partnership with Bioinformatics CRO, a US-based provider of bioinformatics contract research services. This partnership will enable Srust to expand its services in the US and help Bioinformatics CRO to establish a presence in the Japanese market and globally.

Srust’s mission is to help clients hire highly skilled scientific researchers and save time and money while doing so. Their smart AI talent matching system free-ist matches top scientific researchers with clients, providing a database of fast-growing researchers updated daily. Through this partnership, Srust will act as a third party to connect clients looking for high-quality bioinformatics solutions with Bioinformatics CRO.

For more Details : https://www.marketwatch.com/press-release/srust-and-bioinformatics-cro-partner-to-expand-services-and-offer-high-quality-bioinformatics-solutions-2023-03-14